The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

20 November 2011

Some randomness

Seven random things:

1.  More people are majoring in public relations than in journalism. It's become more important these days to spin the news than report it.

2.  Dun-Rite Window Coverings.  The name inspires confidence, doesn't it?

3.  I miss Number Five Nephew. While he's still (mostly) sweet and squishable, he's disappeared into a temperamental contrariness.  I await the day when he is restored to us.

4.  Sometimes - especially when roadtripping through the GTA, I listen to Rush Limbaugh. A little for the right-wing radical factor, and a little for the comedy factor.  I don't think I can listen to him anymore though, because I heard him speak against The Beautiful Game.  Whether it was a joke or not, he said kids should not play, soccer should not be broadcasted, and we should ban companies that sponsor the game. Strike him off my list.

5.  We had the first snow of the season last night. By 'snow' I mean a few tiny, lazy, flakes drifted from the sky and disappeared before they touched ground. This lasted for all of three minutes. All snow should be like that: beautiful, atmospheric, and fleeting.

6.  I had to be at work for 7.30 last week. What an uncivilized hour! There is precious little time for a gentle start or an energizing hot brew. It's eyes open, feet to floor, grab clothes, hit the road - then pretend to be a kind and capable person before consciousness even hits.

7.  Is it inevitable that time becomes confusing as we get older? I find it difficult to remember dates - either today's or the one when I graduated from college, for example. At the same time, time has sped up a shocking degree. I can't believe it's Sunday night again, or that those college days were so long ago already. The vagaries of time keeping, I suppose.


  1. Tess, I too heard Limbaugh speak against The Beautiful Game the other day, but what most people do not realize when listening to him off and on is that he meant that as a parody. How do I know? I heard this commentary years ago when he introduced it. It was meant to show how absurd the liberal faction in this country is when they try to control every aspect of our lives, even in things such as soccer where everything is done for the sake of the 'children'. When he discussed this very thing years ago, he lambasted the liberals for trying to make ALL sports that children play less 'violent' or with NO contact. Thus this 'ad'. Limbaugh has said time and time again, that he exposes how absurd the liberals are by BEING absurd. This is another example. Believe me, he was not being serious about this at all.

  2. Bobby! I'm glad to know this; it seemed too wing-nutty, even for him!