The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

27 November 2011

Of tiny tissues

I had a bad cold this summer. I treat myself to really good tissues when I have a cold.  I go the whole nine yards: 3 ply, aloe-infused, cushioned, 500 in the box.

It’s not possible to test drive the tissue in store however, so one commits to a box in good faith.  Once I got it home I realized that if these were indeed 3 ply, the stuff-the-tissue-in-the-box assembly line had stuffed each ply in individually and there were no instruction for multi-plying the tissues oneself. Besides which, they are smaller than the usual tissue, barely covering my hand – and I have small hands – which leads to interesting target practice when putting said tissue to use. They were so disappointing that I've avoided using them and the box still lingers on my dressing table.

With winter nearly upon us, and cough and cold season ready to explode at any moment, I'm wondering what to do.  I have a tissue dilemma: do I splurge on a whole new box and pretend this one never was? Or embrace my poverty and sneeze delicately into the tiny tissue?


  1. Knowing you as one who does not waste time or effort, or even money, I would suggest using more than one or as many as would suffice. Yes, I understand your concern that one should not have to do this, but it is obvious you have succumbed to pseudo-false advertising, thinking that as alway, one tissue would do the trick. At least they are not all gone to waste, and I'm sure, the lady that you are, you would not give this box of tissues to another, less informed person in need of tissues.

  2. Very good advice, Bobby, I will take this to heart. Thanks for writing in.