The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

08 February 2012


"Can you take off the shield for me?" Five, asking me to peel a tangerine.

I'm not known around the house for my culinary skills.  I pitch in every now and then, and sometimes it works, but most often I consider the meal a success when everyone leaves the table alive.  After one good meal, the family teased me that all I needed really, was some practice. "What have I done?" I said.  Quick as anything, Four piped up in reply, "You've done nothing."  Out of the mouths of babes and boys.

After one not-so-successful meal attempt, the boys were becoming rather robust in their comments.  After I asked them to settle down, one of the little ones lent his support:  "Quiet.  This is Tante Tess's supper... she made it and we have to do what she said."

Four, Five, and Felix watching The Game
Again at the supper table.  Four, sitting beside his Mama, leaned against her arm and asked, "Can you scratch me?  You know where".  After she obligingly began scratching just the right spot on his back, he said, "Ohhhh, yeah.  That's where!  "Now the other one?" Mama asked.  "Yeah, that one," he said.

The Earth is, you know, round. Four, demonstrating school is not wasted on him.

I was in the upstairs hallway when I heard the voice of a little person climbing the stairs, "Tante Tess?"  "Yes?" says I, "It's me, Five. I have to be in my room."  He'd been sent to his room for fussing. I like his helpful nature... identifying himself when he speaks is so thoughtful, don't you think?

It used to be that strangers would have to actually talk to the little Peanuts to get a response from them.  Now all they have to do is look at them and the boys are off and running. During a recent visit to a store, a lady in the same aisle glanced his way.  Seeing this, Five was off and running, telling her all about who used which coloured light saber, which characters were bad guys and how all the characters of Star Wars were related.  Seeing the dazed look in her eye, Mama Nut advised the poor woman to not ask any questions and make her getaway while she could.

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