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the lighthouse

14 February 2012

Safe place

I've had a brainwave:  I must designate one spot in my home to be 'a safe place', so that when I say,"I'll put this in a safe place"  I'll know where it is five months from now when I go looking for it with the vague notion that I have that very thing which just then crossed my mind.

Example of the moment:  I'm losing three inches tomorrow in a drastic hair cut. It's an emergency-measure cut, actually, because I came home with a scalding headache after work from having my hair in a ponytail all day. That drove the point home:  too much is too much. The time before last I found a really good style that worked well, and I remember telling myself to put the picture which inspired the cut in ... you guessed it... a safe place so I could show it to the next scissor-wielding artist to tackle my crown of glory.

Only I can't remember where I put it, and I know I kept it, at least for a while, because I would come across it while dusting or sorting, and I would tell myself, "No, don't throw this out, you must keep this forever!" But what seems a likely spot?  In the closet where the hair goop is?  On the bookshelf inside the flocked cover of Grown-up Glamour? In the magazine basket where so many stray bits and pieces of paper end up? In the desk tray where reminder notes and to do lists go to be forgotten?

You see how useful and less stressful it would be to have just one spot to check? Whether it be spare keys, a list of phone numbers, an odd sock, the tricksy bolt that keeps coming out of the chair - any time you were looking for any thing you'd know to look in 'the safe place'.

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