The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 February 2012

Newspapers in the dark

It can be very frustrating, when contemplating the state of the world and think it is all too big for one person to do anything about it.  How can I, simple Tess, abolish world hunger, or solve the crisis of the economy?

Well, I certainly can't do any of those things, but I can think of one simple thing that would make the world a safer place:

Well-marked house numbers, people!  Even better?  Lighted house numbers.  Do none of you think of the lowly newspaper deliverer (oh, how I wish I could just say 'newspaper boy' without offending someone)  (Hang on!  In this case I do very specifically mean newspaper boy... my Number One Nephew)

One has a job of delivering a local daily paper to old fashioned paper-in-hand folks in his neighbourhood.  I performed the service on his behalf today because he was with his family at a Superbowl party this weekend.  I'd walked the route with him a couple of times during the Christmas break and he left me a list of the addresses he delivers to.

Should have been simple, right?

Only, 6 am in February is a rather dark time of day.  And nobody has house numbers where you can see them! I would scuttle up to a front door and hold up my cell phone, hunting around with its eerie blue glow for some confirmation this was indeed the house I was looking for.

Not to mention steep front stoops in the dark are quite a hazard!  If my nephew were delivering papers in Greece, he'd be eligible for early retirement at 50 with a full pension because his occupation was dangerous. (Greece has very generous retirement plans for hazardous jobs like hair styling and anyone speaking into a microphone.  Chemicals in the first instance, and bacteria in the second.  I'm sure according to those standards, stumbling around predawn streets would qualify)


  1. Good thing you're not doing this in the country...there'd be some dogs and guys with shotguns after you...not in a good way.

  2. Good thing indeed! Nothing makes for a bad day like dogs and guns before coffee.