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the lighthouse

10 March 2012

The Great Northern Road Trip

First leg of the Great Northern Road Trip completed successfully.  The departure day  - being yesterday - began in a most interesting fashion, in that it was sunny and spring-like when I peered through the blinds at first light but no less than an hour later when next I looked, a full-on winter landscape had been painted over top of the grass and road.  Where had all that snow come from?

Not one to let a paltry snowstorm hold me back, I undertook the journey, remembering with some trepidation the last time I travelled this far north.  I went with my sister to a girl's weekend away (which, by the way, sparked the inspiration for The Feminine Gift).  We stayed overnight in a northern town before continuing the rest of the way the next day.  We went to bed on a somewhat chilly but clear night, and woke up to Winter with a capital w.  Snow was already accumulated up to the bumper which was for sure going to make the remainder of the journey exciting. It did.

I half expected yesterday to follow in the tire tracks of that earlier voyage.  While I did chase pockets of snow all the way north, it was mostly a clear and sunny expedition.  I did forget about one little detail: gas stations are few and far between in equal measure to your distance from the 401.  I drove right on through many a small town (and by town I mean a sign indicating the trees on either side of the road are home to 2,500 people) telling myself each time that I would wait for the next one before stopping for gas... and then the next one.  Only the fuel providers were becoming fewer and farther between before dwindling to almost nonexistent and all the while my gas gauge was falling frighteningly closer to the empty mark.  Dear Lord, let there be a gas station around the next corner!  Had I remembered to bring my cell phone - was there even cell phone reception here in the exposed spine of the Canadian Shield?  When I finally did stop, it was snowing wet snowflakes as big as dinner plates, so that one falling on my head completely undid a half hour of blow drying effort.

On a musical note, I was well supplied with Kelly, Dave, and The Trews... but what did I listen to the most?  That's right... talk radio.  Honestly, will I ever learn?

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