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the lighthouse

09 March 2012

Trippin' on the road

Road trip!

March break and all over Canada, students have flung themselves deliriously out of school like that final, giddy scene in Grease. Or any other movie about children being set free from institutions of education.

Grown ups are not left out of this happy equation: either they are flinging flip flops and sunscreen into beach bags for a week of sun and sand induced torpor, or they are desperately looking through municipal calendars for possibilities of last minute and week long March Break camps.  "The children are going to be home all week  long.  ALL WEEK!"  And suddenly a formerly competent set of parents realizes a week is five whole days in which their beloved youngsters cannot possibly sit in front of the tv and thus need occupation - or mom will go prematurely grey and dad will fall victim to an accelerated balding process.

But I digress.  The Peanuts - being the most delightful children on the planet (their mother and I agreed on that last night.  After they'd been put to bed.) are cheering along with every other young person. The House of Nuts revels in a schedule-free scenario and knowing they are going to be just fine without me, I am taking myself on a little roadtrip to regions far and north.  I'll be spending time with Miss Sarah, fellow writer and cohort at The Feminine Gift   and Mrs Tree, also a writer. To complete an already fun trip, I'll be spending a few days with Oma (grandmother to the Peanuts).  Hoorah!

I love - as in loooove - a roadtrip and have been looking forward to this one for ages.  The tricksy bit is it happens during this questionable time of year.  Do I pack for winter, or winter/spring?  Must I bring boots AND sturdy shoes, or sturdy shoes and flats?  Turtle necks or long sleeve t-shirts?  You see my dilemma?  And that's not all:  what am I going to want to listen to, a week from now after five days in the car?  Stocking the play list, as I've written about before, is a complex but pivotal procedure.  If I don't get it right, I'll end up listening to talk radio, and that never does anybody any good.

See you on the road!


  1. I usually bring it all. So what that your car can't possibly have anything else shoved into it. We'll get Jason to bring it all in. ;)

  2. I agree with Sarah - and in our case, Mr. Tree can lug the stuff around for ya! Looking forward to seeing you. Safe travels!!!

  3. I did bring it all, as evidenced by the mountain of luggage now residing in your 'spare oom'. Clearly I would not make a good backpacker.

    Brace yourself Carly!