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the lighthouse

27 March 2012

Muffins and muppets

Wow, people are becoming militant these days.

They're angry about the 1%, about the ozone layer, about Kirk Cameron; they're incredibly vocal about diversity and tolerance; they are insistent their rights are superior to my rights and will argue so to their last breath. People will even chime in with opinions on how many children you should have, or how you feed your children.

Speaking of which, not even food is safe from these know-it-better muppets.  There was a meeting at work today, for which nibblies were provided. One of the ladies was about to bite into a mini muffin when a gentleman barked, "Those aren't heart healthy!"  "It has blueberries.  Blueberries are very good for you," she said, somewhat guiltily. "Blueberries must be uncooked," he instructed, "never heated or baked in something."

What was she to do at that point?  Put the mini muffin back on the tray? Write a letter of protest to the bakery? Run laps?  I'm sure she'd been looking forward to the treat all throughout the somewhat tedious meeting. She quite possibly hadn't had breakfast in her rush to equip her children with healthful snacks for their nutrition breaks at school.  Gone was her enjoyment in that simple treat. I certainly wasn't going to draw attention to myself by doing so shocking a thing as picking a mini muffin when there were health-appropriate (though pale and dried out) cantaloupes and honeydews to be had.

You know what?  Back off.  Leave me and my muffin alone.


  1. To tell you the truth, I get very upset by those that tell me not to eat this, or not to eat that, for it is bad for me. My medical test results tells me different. If it's bad for me why doesn't my health reflect it?

    Some people have a need to tell others how to live their lives, and expect them to obey them. Until I see a medical degree in their hands, I will do what I pay MY doctor to tell me what I should do. *Munches on M&M's with peanuts....*