The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

22 June 2012

Cole Porter knew of what he sang

when he sang, "It's too darned hot."

He wasn't crooning of matters meteorological, of course, but weather wise, his words are pretty apt.  We've just had a four or five day hot spell, and yesterday there was a hot weather advisory, in which the government officially informs its citizens it is hot outside.

I have to tell you something, Reader dear: I am not a nice person in hot weather.  In fact, I become downright cranky. And my hair becomes voluminous, which makes me a mean and frizzy-headed girl.  I'm not proud of it, but those are the facts.

Today, most happily, while it is still on the warm side, is entirely without the humidity factor.  Hoorah!  I have been restored to myself, able to do more than brush my teeth without falling prostrate before the oscillating fan.  I slept late this morning (bliss!) and woke full of ambition and the vigour to carry it out.  Never have I been so happy to do laundry, clean the bathroom, do floors, and cook the books.  I'm even cleaning my brushes.  I am in homekeeping heaven!

It's De-Lovely.


  1. Writer Dear, I'm not so nice in hot weather either. And being 153 years older than you, and a lot souther than you, I'm glad that we 'round here also have someone to tell us it's hot (however else would we manage?). Thank you for a blog that is not only great to read... it also makes me feel cool when I look at it... ahhh....

  2. Haha Nancy! 153 years,eh? No small exaggeration, that.

    I'm pretty sure my background used to be water, in keeping with the lighthouse theme. I noticed after the recent technical debacle that it was looking rather more wintry, but as it's been so hot, I've left it to be a place of cool respite.