The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

16 June 2012


I did it!  I always knew it was possible, but this is the very first time I ever managed to do it.

I am going away for the weekend, and I have packed only one bag.  One smallish, toss-your-toothbrush-in-and-go sized bag. There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment in this moment.  I'm tempted to document this photographically for generations to come who will question that such a thing ever happened.

The secret?  To not plan for every eventuality. Such as: what would I wear if I happened to bump into Chris Cornell on the street and he invited me to an intimate acoustic performance of his entire songbook? And what if I happened to be chased by a bear while on the way to said acoustic performance? Or, what if the two books I'm currently reading aren't quite what I feel like reading while I'm away for 24 hours?  I'd better pack this one as well.  Oh, and this crossword puzzle book, and bring my little bag of crocheting. Probably my journal and a couple notebooks, too. Maybe that 87 page article on the new system of bibliographic control soon to replace MARC coding that I've been meaning to read since 2008?  I don't want to be bored, you know!

Newly acquired efficiency in packing aside, the best part is that I'm going to spend the weekend with two of my favourite people, and the doing of it entails a road trip.  Don't you love a road trip?  There will be music, there will be laughter, and there will be snacks. (Not included in the above mentioned piece of luggage.  Snacks don't count for accounting purposes.)  It will be fabulous, darling.


  1. OH my goodness, this is exactly how I pack. 8 books, and 3 bags of crocheting for every 24 hour getaway.

    Have a lovely, lovely time!

  2. Am I not going with you, Sarah? But you're one of my favourite people! ;)

    Argh! How to leave the stuff behind? I'd better get out of the house quickly before I start throwing things in the bag, willy nilly.

  3. Well done Tess! Now you have some idea of the freedom men have in carrying everything they need in life in their wallets that rests in their back pockets. I know, I hear you saying, "But what if this or that happens and you don't have that certain something you need in your wallet?". We jump off that bridge when we come to it. :)

  4. Ha, Bobby. I believe men are able to "carry what they need in their wallet" because they use their car or their wife's purse for what doesn't fit in the hip pocket ;)
    It is very liberating to have as little as possible, though. It was good.

  5. Touche Tess, touche lol.

  6. Thank you, thank you very much.