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the lighthouse

25 June 2012

Of nudges... and shoes

Nudges.  Nudges happen all the time, don't they? It might happen that the same topic keeps coming up in conversations without your prompting - travelling to Italy, say, or medical checkups. Every book you read for months makes some mention of jauntering off to Tuscany, or averting a medical crisis through a well-timed doctor's visit.  Those are nudges.  It's time to finally take that long-dreamed of trip to Italia, or stop procrastinating and book an appointment to see your doctor.  God uses the material we give Him.

I've been nudged before, so I knew what was happening a few days ago when I found myself in a random conversation with a person I met in a very random way. This person was sticking in my life when I had been quite sure it was more of a "Hi, nice to meet you... never see you again" sort of thing. It might be that conversation a few days ago is why they stuck - there was a nudge on the way.

You recognize the nudge when it comes because you've been mulling over that very subject, maybe trying to come to a decision about that very thing, or maybe it's something you know you should do, but are putting it off.  The nudge helps you along.

There is a thing that has been a background theme in my life. (I don't mean to sound coy, honest.  I'll be more forthcoming when I don't feel so selfconscious about it.) I wondered if its time had come when the new home and new job fell into place, and my sister said the same thing shortly before I left Sohoe. Then came a second random conversation about this very thing, in which random person number two literally came in the room and point blank told me it was time. Repeatedly.  That's quite a nudge!

So, I'm taking steps.  I'm not actually basking under the Tuscan sun yet, or sitting in the doctor's waiting room, but I've set my feet on the path.  Well, ok... maybe not quite yet.  But I've finally decided what shoes I'm going to wear on the journey.

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