The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

28 September 2012

Of ink stains and goofiness

You know you are a writer when your duvet cover, two sets of sheets, more than an acceptable number of tops, and a footstool have ink stains on them.  I once started a new job with ink-stained fingers because I'd been playing with a new fountain pen the night before.

Actually, this might not say so much about me as a writer as it does about me as a goof.


  1. So you're a fan of fountain pens too, huh?:)? Are there many of us around, y'think? I don't really use them anymore, but I love 'em.



  3. Nancy, I think there are a few of us, though we keep our predilection secret. Maybe I'll take a stand, and pull out my ink well, while everyone else is tapping away on their keyboards at work. Hmmm....