The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

07 February 2013

What I know so far

After spending one night in the new flat in Lake Town (on a mattress on the floor, kindly provided by The Dutch Couple (my landlords)) here is what I can say with confidence I know so far:

a) I am not young anymore.  Sleeping on the floor is no longer fun, and is, in fact, barely survivable.  I am typing this in a hunched over position with my head roughly on level with my elbows and very stiff hips.

b) The washing machine is not whisper silent.

c) It is possible for a furnace to sound like the Mission To Mars about to take off.

d) Tiles are very cold on bare feet first thing in the morning.

e) It is quiet in the country.  Very quiet. Though the New Town flat has my comfy bed, it also has Le Grand Highway right outside its very flimsy windows. The New Town flat is not quiet.

f) It is pretty fabulous walking to work in five minutes.

We're expecting a monster of a storm, apparently.  Here's hoping I manage to get home tonight.  Once I figure out which home I'm supposed to go to.
Take care of yourself, dear Reader.  Stay warm, stay safe.


  1. And you take care of YOURself, dear writer.

  2. Thank you, dear Nancy. I hope you are not being buried by mountainous amounts of snow!