The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

03 February 2013

Attention must be paid

Let us take a moment to reflect on, and honour the passing of the penny.

The Canadian penny is no more.  As of Monday February 4, 2013, the penny is no longer in circulation. Prices will be rounded up or down to the nearest nickel (for as long as we have nickels). Here's hoping we all remember the principles of rounding we learned back in grade 3: when do you round up, and when do you round down?

I will miss the little maple leafed-coin.  It feels particularly poignant because I do not like the new $20 bill, and if that is the way all our money is going to go, it really will be 'funny money' as it's been called in other countries. I mourn our money of yore.  I miss yore.

I'd pay a pretty penny for yore.


  1. THANK YOU for a much needed smile this morning! I broke into a grin when I read 'I miss yore,' but then your next sentence topped it. 'I'd pay a pretty penny for yore.'

    That should go down as one of the Great Sentences of All Time.

  2. Ooooh, Nancy is there a Great Sentence Hall of Fame? If so, I have a few nominations!