The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

13 March 2013


I have it on good authority Expectamus means "we wait".

We are expectamusing.  It is so very difficult to expectamus.

My eyes are trained on the smoke watch live cam from the Vatican.  No sign of smoke from the afternoon votes yet.

What are the Cardinals experiencing? Are they close to consensus? Do they know now this is going to take a long time?

I'm imagining what this process was like in the olden days - the days without 24 hour press coverage and instant Google answers to anything. Imagine waiting for the newspaper to arrive with news that there was black smoke... or at last a man had been chosen?  I often and at length lament those days of yore, but today I am ever so grateful for the instant news updates and that little camera trained on the humble smoke stack of the Sistine Chapel.

Meanwhile, Expectamus novum papam nostrum.

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