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the lighthouse

01 March 2013

A ha!

Today's a ha moment:

It has been a sad fact that stories about the undead in various incarnations (can the undead be incarnated?) - such as vampires, werewolves and zombies - are popular and infiltrating every genre of book. There are vampire detectives, detectives who hunt vampires, detective vampires falling in love, vampire spouses on the run from FBI agents from the future... nearly any possible permutation you could fathom, someone else has thunk it and published it, and somewhere people are reading it.

It soothes my heart somewhat to realize that another genre is growing in popularity and developing an expansive range of plot lines: "Inspirational Fiction". Mostly these have to do with the Amish community, usually featuring a beautiful woman wearing a long dress and apron on the cover - though the dresses are not really plain, and no cap covers her luxurious hair. Again, every permutation of plot can be found, but at least all the characters are fully in the 'not un-dead' category. There is no sex going on in shades of any colour, and whether solving mysteries or falling in love, God, faith, family, and community play a big role.

Take that, nasty vampires.


  1. Ah welcome back dear woman! It is nice to see you posting again.

    There is one thing I've noticed in my life and that is everything runs in cycles. Some good and some not so good. Right now every thing is vampires or zombies and as you've shown, a new genre has popped up with the Amish.

    I remember that one time it was all James Bond type novels. Everything was about spys, the cold war and the evil empire. Even the TV shows had their share of it. But now with the defeat of the Soviet Union this has passed.

    Patience Tess...this too shall pass.

  2. I too am happy/uplifted by the "inspirational fiction" that is becoming popular. The world will eventually see the beauty of truth, joy, family etc... I am also frustrated by the 'undead' category, esp. as a teacher who wants her students to read good liturature. But, we just have to pray through it.... I agree with the "Ordinary Catholic." It too shall pass....

    God bless,