The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

01 June 2013

The latest in book title formulas

There is a fun new trend in book titles. 

There is a formula to follow. It goes like this:
Name a person or a category of persons.

Follow that by another category of persons or title of function.

Real life examples of actual published books:

The Waterman's daughter
The Juggler's children
The Piano man's daughter
Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker
Mr. Churchill's secretary

Here are titles of my future books:
The Librarian's optometrist
The Writer's computer repair specialist
The Single girl's meals-on-wheels delivery person
Miss Tess's nephews
Miss Lighthouse's note taker
Tess's lighthouse keeper

How about you?  What books would you write?


  1. I love the book titles... and I have not thought of any more off the top of my head:). I think the Tess's lighthouse keeper is my favourite. Have you ever seen the movie "Your's mine and ours"? It talks about a lighthouse keeper (though I think that it was the wife:)). You might want to add a diary in there, for those are very popular now as well.

    God bless, and, again, great posts:)


  2. I like that title too, Frances. I might have to explore the idea a little further.
    No, I haven't seen Yours mine and ours but if it has to do with lighthouse keeping, I'll definitely have to track it down!