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the lighthouse

24 May 2013

In which I want to hug a total stranger

Sometimes I know I have the best job in the world.
It's been a busy afternoon. We are closed to the public on Friday mornings, but never fear, citizens of the world: behind the scenes we are scurrying about madly, accomplishing many important tasks which are difficult to do while open.

I helped a little girl find books about manatees. I showed another lady where The Book of Negroes is on the shelf. I told a gentleman the title of the very first Lee Child novel. I interlibrary loaned four books for two different people. I helped one person on the internet. I signed three ladies up for the "Bird feeder in a teacup" workshop tomorrow. I complemented a little boy on his choice of a Flat Stanley book.

And then, while one man waited for us to find out if the other branch has a certain book on their shelves (before he drove all the way over there and discovered it is missing) we struck up a conversation about how his whole family are readers. He looked like a complete jock - though I know I shouldn't judge books by covers (or people by looks...or hair colour. Haha) I wouldn't have been surprised to discover he spends his leisure hours entirely engrossed in the three-letter sports: NHL NBA NFL. Instead, he says years ago they made the decision to do away with television. They don't watch tv at all, and movies only on occasion. He believes television stunts the imagination, influences opinion, and fosters consumerism.

That was the perfect time to use my favourite quote from Megamind:  "I love you, random citizen!"

I very nearly hugged him.

I did do a fist-pump.


  1. Isn't it cool Tess when you find someone that thinks along the same lines as you? Not watching TV or movies for the most part is rather erm....radical and to find another who thinks the same way is refreshing! *pumps fist!*

  2. Perfect intro to start up Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television!!

  3. If you want to hug a total stranger, can I offer you my services...?


  4. Bobby, it is cool! Ann Shirley (of Green Gables) called it being Kindred Spirits.

    Sarah, you're right, the perfect segue indeed. I'm so looking forward to reading the book (NOT watching it on tv. Haha)

    Eric - you don't really qualify as a perfect stranger, do you?

  5. No luck huh? Can't you tell I was desperate for your hug?

    ;) Eric/Be