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the lighthouse

15 August 2013

Five sentence fiction

Five sentence fiction.

Prompt word: Learning

For the third day in a row, Sally handed over her peanut butter and jelly sandwich; for the third day in a row, Roberta promised she'd pay her back tomorrow. For as many days poor Sally went through gym class (murderball, again), art, French (Mademoiselle Parfait was particularly peppy this week), and language arts (parts of speech: yawn is a verb) on a handful of raisins and a mini yoghurt. Sally was pretty sure she'd never see a sandwich from Roberta, ever, nor would the pb&j purloiner let Sally in on the four square game like she'd promised, either.

Sally slumped into the kitchen after school, feeling a wisp of her former self, barely lifting her head from her hand when her mother asked what she'd learned in school that day.

Never give away your peanut butter sandwich,” she replied, “no matter how much you want to play four square.”


  1. I learn something every week on these challenges. I'd never heard of or seen anyone play this game. I had to do a search to find out what it was!

    It was a good story! Took me back to my early school days.

  2. Thank you.
    This was an exercise in writing though I didn't feel it. These writing prompts are good for that!