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the lighthouse

24 August 2013

Happening now at a library near you: Local food mysteries

This was too good to not share with you, dear Reader.
Cataloguing new books today, I came across this delightful treasure:

A Tine to Live, a tine to die: a local foods mystery by Edith Maxwell.

The cast of characters includes an 'enthusiastic Brazilian volunteer' and local handyman Mike Montgomery who is fired because 'he won't follow organic growing practices'.  Mike, of course, becomes the corpse in this cozy set in... you guessed it, a small New England town (where all cozies seem to take place). This New England town is 'full of eccentric locavores'... they were bound to have a murderer in their midst eventually.

The concept tickled me, because cozies - mysteries without sex or gore set in a small community with an amateur sleuth, generally have a gimmick or schtick to set them apart from all the others. This one is about a lady who bakes cupcakes, that one is about a mystery bookshop owner, the other one is about a weaving enthusiast.  It was only a matter of time before someone recognized the growing popularity of the locavore movement and mined it for murder mystery potential.
And at last, here it is.

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