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the lighthouse

09 August 2013

Of twirling and soundtracks

I just had a twirling moment.

My friend Bella Martini would know what that is all about. We used to twirl when we both taught in a tiny little school way back in the day.  Back when we were kids and twirling came naturally to us.  Do you remember that scene in You've Got Mail, when Joe Fox (F-O-X) asks Kathleen Kelly in the Shop Around the Corner about the picture on the wall of her and her mother?  They were twirling.

Twirling is what you do when you are so full of good feeling you just might float away. The only way to stay grounded is to twirl... circling in giddy, tight circles, hands joyously up in the air, or holding the hands of a friend overhead as you take turns ducking under the clasped hands.  Twirling is our version of bubbles dancing to the surface in a glass of champagne.

The only thing lacking in my moment of twirling was the stirring music that always accompanies such scenes in the movies.  Movie characters are so lucky to have an ongoing soundtrack. Soundtracks are useful as they are often a cue for how we should be feeling, or alert us of impending danger, or reassure us of happily ever after.  Movie soundtracks are often a great deal of fun to listen to on long road trips.

In my moment of happiness, I would have wanted Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Pepper's cover version.  Or something soaring and instrumental. 

I'd twirl to either one.


  1. I thought immediately of You've Got Mail when you spoke of twirling. Well that, and Noah's penchant for it. He loves making himself dizzy - he even twirled before he could walk or crawl, spinning himself around and around on his bum.

  2. Noah's got it figured out.
    There should be more twirling in our lives, Carly. More dropping in, and more twirling.