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the lighthouse

03 November 2013

The Fourth

Ah... 1,667 words feels pretty good, once you've got them down on paper.  They look, good, too, all neatly marching in their lines across the white pages.  Thing is, it's taken me two days to get one day's quota.
I have an excuse though, please hear me out:
I was on the road yesterday.  I'm spending four days with my mom so writing time is going to be scarce, though not nonexistent. There will probably be plenty of imagination fodder, so I'm sure it will all equal out somewhere around the middle.
Not entirely sure what I have written so far fits into the idea I had for it, but I'm barely 1/30 of the way there so I'll keep at it.

Something interesting: I am writing by hand in a little notebook. My penmanship is actually getting neater as I go along - something I'd have liked to know about when I wrote about writing vs typing. Who'd a thunk it, K R Smith!

Another interesting fact: I was able to listen to a ManUnited game on AM radio as I drove here yesterday. However, pressing on the gas caused interference with the reception. I've never had such inducement to ease off the lead foot!

Happy NaNoWriMo Day Four to all.


  1. It's not official until you update your statistics on the NaNoWriMo site, so we're all taking that count with a grain of salt.

    I know I'm supposed to nag/encourage you, but I won't say too much for now. It's early on and you do have that (somewhat flimsy) excuse about spending time with family.

    The writing getting better is just the opposite of what I'd expect - Mine always gets worse (or even more worse that normal) as I get anxious to finish writing.

    And I suppose I should get back to my own writing now. But I'll be in touch!

  2. You see how good my math skills are? It's Day Three, not Four.

    I appreciate the nagging/encouraging... I really do! Thank you for taking time from your own creating to pop over here to the Lighthouse and check up on me. How are your own efforts going?

  3. Let's see...

    My poem - The Ballad od Drunken Jack - was finall y published in the Gothic Blue Book III (on Amazon). I have 2 short stories in edits - they should have already been published, but there have been some setbacks (not related to the stories). I have 2 short sotries in the works and one I want to resubmit.

    So, I have a lot to keep me busy!

  4. Well done, K! I shall attempt to emulate your work rate.

    Keep it up.
    (Is there a writerly equivalent to 'break a leg'?)