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the lighthouse

05 November 2013

The head exam

My dad used to say things like: "Someone needs their head examined."

He would usually be talking about a politician or an engineer - he had the same amount of respect for both classes of people.

In this scenario, however, the person needed a head exam would be me.  What was I thinking, signing up for (and paying $50 for!) a 24-week bible study that comes with roughly 2 hours of homework each week, and then taking on a nearly 2,000 word a day writing challenge?  Was I thinking?  Evidently not, because I have conveniently forgotten the fact that I must also begin a job hunt. Now. Which means scouring newspapers and bulletins boards, and, ugh, revamping my resume yet again.

Oh, and I just realized that I'll be away for three weekends this month.

I'm not regretting any of it. I am actually enjoying it all. There just isn't sufficient time for it all - oh, and The Great Reading Project!  How could I forget that little detail?  And the Christmas crafts I'm hoping to get to.

The only thing to do in these situations is to take my father's advice.
I shall go to bed at once.

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