The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

02 November 2012

A tale of two Tess's

Librarian Tess is different from Civilian Tess.  Librarian Tess adores Pinterest for the wonderful craft ideas for her storytimes.  Civilian Tess abhors the thought of yet another account to keep accurate, up-to-the-minute, and interesting.

Civilian Tess believes that every person with a valid library card should be allowed to print.  Librarian Tess has no real problem with this in theory, but in practice wishes that people with the plague would not cough all over their money before handing it to her to pay for said printing. She's almost willing to pay for all of New Town's printing from her own paycheque so she doesn't have to handle the germ riddled cash.  Almost.

(Librarian Tess would also like a hazmat suit to wear at the end of the day when she has to log off the public use computers.  She sees what y'all do while at those keyboards, people.  It's not pretty!)

Librarian Tess applauds the new, inclusive, enlightened standards of public libraries that permit people to talk - out loud - and to eat and drink within the library environs.  Civilian Tess is a conservative, old fashioned, pickle, and would rather people enjoyed their fries at home before browsing through the expensive art history collection.

There is more to be said, but Librarian Tess has to get back to work.  She's packing hand sanitizer.


  1. Hooray for hand sanitizer! Whatever did we do before it...?

  2. We wore gloves. And stayed home when we had colds.

  3. Yes, staying home is usually a good idea. I understand that it would be very difficult to touch the computers at the end of the day.... I am not fond of the hand sanitizer either, however... esp. in the hands of children where it seems to multiply and grow exponentially and you are never sure how to eliminate the bubbling, cascading residue. Leading to wet/over sanitized computer keys, mice, etc... Maybe they should equip teachers and librarians with a special sanitary cloth that wipes away all germs... or maybe we should just be old fashioned and use baby-wipes (they are definitely handier than we think).

    God bless,

    P.S. In response to your response, I do various types of puzzles: jigsaw, cryptograms, sudoku, logic, etc. What are your favourites?

  4. Ironically, my youngest daughter is a librarian assistant in Tennessee, USA. She could have written this post.

  5. Nice to see you Robert! I'm sure your daughter could share a story or two.

    Frances, I like word puzzles, mostly,and jigsaw puzzles, too. Sudoku makes my brain feel all twisty.