The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

14 November 2012

I meant well

I visited an office supply store on my lunch hour today.  It's my happy place. What's not to love about a place full of nifty - and oh so cute - organizational doodads, paper of every kind, and pens in every colour?  It cures my headaches, lifts my spirits, soothes my ruffled feathers, calms my nerves.  And it's a gift that keeps on giving because every single time I use the notebook or the pen, or the file folder, I experience the same happiness all over again.

So there I was, gleefully sifting through a pile of discounted spiral-bound notebooks when another member of the public, a very nice looking lady, walked by, saying "Excuse me?"  "Yes, can I help you?" I helpfully asked with a big smile on my face.  She looked at me, very puzzled.

I realized she was calling to a store employee. Then I remembered I wasn't actually at work.  "Oh, sorry, I don't work here!" I laughed.

She walked away very quickly.


  1. Thank you again for a much needed chuckle. And I'm glad to see there's another person who apparently loves office supply stores even as much as I do... what a great place for fun impulse buying...

  2. Nancy, I feel so at home in that store, I was perfectly comfortable offering my assistance to another shopper! I will have to give myself a talk before I go in there again "You don't work here; you don't work here."

    Joy, hello, and thank you.

  3. Just dropping by and leaving a romantic song: