The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

13 February 2014

Five sentence fiction: Ache

From Lillie McFerrin Writes
The prompt was "Ache".  The word itself doesn't appear in these five sentences, but I hope ache is present in the words below.


The house is quiet; still as the dusty bars of sunlight laying on the floor; as silent as the phone that doesn’t ring.  In the drive sits a car, full to the windows with memories stuffed in boxes; memories that once filled the nooks and crannies of these empty rooms. Empty as the crib in the corner. The heels of my shoes echo down the hall to the door, ghosts of other hearts beating under this roof. I watch as the memory of my palm fades from the glass until there is nothing left of me here.




  1. Wonderful writing. I could hear the heels on the floor. Number five was my personal favorite.

  2. Thank you Nancy!

    I could hear and smell and feel that room as I was writing this. The challenge was to say enough in five sentences to convey my experience.