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the lighthouse

12 February 2014

Questions, writerly

My curiosity would like to ask the writers among you a few questions. Please forgive my inquisitiveness, but as writing is such a solitary pursuit, I find myself wondering what the experience is like for others.

Are you able to devote concentrated amounts of time to writing in a day, or do you cobble together stolen moments in a notebook?

Writing often looks like doing nothing. You can be writing while seemingly daydreaming or doing the dishes or baking banana bread. It can mean hours of pulling out your hair to produce one imperfect paragraph or (less likely) a half hour session can produce a fully edited page of perfection. Are the people in your life understanding of the sometimes vague, intangible, immeasurable nature of writing?

Do you have a business-like approach to writing in that you assign yourself a topic or a word count and just get 'er done -- even if you're not feelin' it? Or do you court the muse?

Do you set yourself challenges, either for the fun of it, or for the purposes of growth and skill (like tackling steampunk when you're really more of features writer)? Do you think you can produce something honest, real, and true... can it be really and truly good... if it in some way suppresses your voice?

What qualifies a person to be a writer?


Thank you for the replies!

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