The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

19 February 2014

No more tapping

It's official. Attempting to meet a deadline with a completed article this morning, I realize that while I can write at my computer, I can't finish writing at my computer.  I've spent the last half hour typing, deleting, and retyping the same sentence over and over again.

While I'm sure the editor would appreciate a polished, practically perfect piece, no doubt a done and dusted piece would be appreciated more.

NaNoWriMo taught me that putting pen to paper and keeping it moving keeps the thoughts flowing as well as the ink. I'm more willing to let less than stellar sentences rest on the page, knowing I'll clean and buff them all before I hand the whole thing in. I know the aim is to lay the structure down, get the main ideas out, figure out the tone and the point I want to make. In comparison, tapping the keys is about not making any mistakes.

So I hereby resolve there shall be no more tapping 'til the writing's done.

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