The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

04 April 2014


I wanted to make D be for Depeche Mode, but instead of tell you, yet again how much I love'em, I thought it would be fun to try to string song titles together in a way that might tell a story. I challenged myself to pick 50, but when it was all done it turns out I had 55. 
My thanks for Martin Gore et al., for writing songs that lend themselves so well to the kind of story I like to write - more images than plot.

A story told in (55) Depeche Mode song titles

Higher love is a Strange love In Your room, Little 15. You were Wrong; please Never let me down again!

Shake the disease, Love thieves for You should be higher. You think you’re wearing a Halo? Dream on – that’s a Pain I’m used to Behind the wheel, or Walking in my shoes on Route 66… But not tonight.

You see the World in my eyes through A Broken frame Happiest girl, all Dressed in black. But It’s no good -- a Sea of sin, a Black celebration. In a World full of nothing, the Bottom line is Sometimes we need to sing our Songs of faith and devotion to our Personal Jesus, to be made Clean – it’s just A question of time, not Useless, my Sister of night. There is only Mercy in you, Lord, no Condemnation. I feel love when I lose myself… and then Surrender. That is the Sweetest perfection. We get Some great reward when we Get the balance right, and that’s not Nothing, Lillian; I told you so.

People are people Sometimes. It doesn’t matter. They Leave in silence with a Photograph of you because they want to See you. There’s Nothing to fear in The sun and the rainfall – it’s all Pleasure little treasure, like Waiting for the night in Stories of old. 

Enjoy the silence.


  1. Tess,

    I love how you play with words! It's great fun to experiment, isn't it? I think I like the last title best: Enjoy the silence. Yes!

  2. Thank you, Sue!
    Yes, it is fun to play with words... and to meet someone else who does, too.

    Enjoy the silence is a very good line, and also a beautiful song. I didn't think anyone would read this one (Depeche Mode being obscure and misunderstood)(I can't help advocating for them, even here!) so I am delighted to know you enjoyed the song title story.

  3. What? No Policy of Truth here?

    Maybe you can sneak it into your post for the letter "T" or "P"!

  4. Excellent song!

    I had a bit that went thusly:
    A Two minute warning: It's a Policy of truth to Work hard, because Everything counts...

    but it didn't fit with the tone of the rest, so alas, it was sacrificed.