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the lighthouse

16 April 2014

The name game.

I haven't written anything for you today.  Instead, I'm sharing a list of interesting names of authors I've come across since I started this job.

Gifty Amo-Danso  (isn't Gifty a great name?)
John Flowerdew (this must be a British name, don't you think?)
Alaka Holla
Teresa Lavender Fagan
Barrie Brent Bennett
Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos (his parents liked it so much, they used it twice)
Dilip Soman
Andrea Olive (this rolls off the tongue so perfectly)
Marcel Martel
Robin Truth Goodman
J. Jacob Jenkins
Sergio L. Schmukler (a little Latin flavour in your German)
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Esyllt W. Jones
Dominique Audenaert (I liked this one because the last name sounds familiar to me)
Klaus Dieter Wolf (I don't think there could be a more German name)
Tomás F. Crowder-Taraborrelli

To: Ezgi  (this sounds like a diminutive. I wonder what the whole name would be?)

To our canine companions (this was in a book about Jane Austen and culture. I don't think Jane would have approved.)

To my dad who taught me what it meant to be a man. To my wife who gave me brothers and a second father.  You're cute... let's dance.  (In a book about music.)

Do you have any names tucked away that have either tickled  you, impressed you, or bemused  you?
(Celebrity children's names could be a whole category on its own... such as baby North, whose last name is West.)


  1. Ah, what a strange thing life is. I read your post and it leads to an evening of research and discovery.

    This has nothing to do with author's names, but it did lead to finding some information on a story I'm researching. I think I'd mentioned one time the story involving my ancestors that involved a murder (two, to be truthful), that I hope to dig up enough information to write a complete account of the tragedy.

    Anyway, it started by my wanting to add the name Flavius Lorenzo Good, an ancestor who lived to be 103 years old, to your list. He never wrote any stories that I know of, but I've always found the name to be interesting. I decided to do a search on him, and found a reference that led to another relative that led to more until I found the parents of one of the people in the previously mentioned story.

    Her first name was Rachel, but (somehow) the person who engraved her tombstone named her Richard. You can see it here at this link ( ). Since she had several children, I don't think her name was Richard.

    So, indirectly you have added to my research and helped me with my story.

    And I do apologize for going on so long here...

  2. Family stories are the best stories!
    Poor Rachel who shall be forever remembered as Richard. I do hope St. Peter got her name right.
    Flavius Lorenzo Good is a wonderful name, worthy of a spot in the list. I wonder what sort of person he was?
    You have a very interesting family, Mr.K. I wish you luck in your research (if you visit your public library, do please be kind to the staff. People bitten by the genealogy bug are among the more 'interesting' of our customers.) (if you're not visiting your public library for help with your research.... why ever not??)

  3. I knew someone with a relative named Miner Payne. He became a doctor. And in the service, he was a Major. You can't make this stuff up. Well, Joseph Heller could make this stuff up, but I can't. True story.

  4. Fantastic! Mr. Payne had the perfect name for both of his careers.