The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

07 April 2014

Following are four thousand words on Falls

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say.
So I give you, dear Reader, four thousand picture words of Falls.

I beg forgiveness for the poor quality, as it was pouring with rain this afternoon, and I was very aware of my illegally parked car. I hopped out on the side of the road, snapped a few shots, hoping you'd be able to tell what was in the picture.

This is 10 minutes from where I work, about 30 minutes from home.  Now is the time of year to tackle this wonder of nature because there are barely any buses crammed full of pic-snapping tourists. Barely.  The Falls have such a presence in the region that the Peanuts, who live 20 minutes inland from them, can, on  clear day, see the vast cloud of vapour they create.

And so I give you, Four Fotos of Falls