The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

13 April 2014

FSF - Feathers

Five sentence fiction, in which a story is told in five little lines.
(Sponsored by Lillie McFerrin Writes)


Scene: evening; light, diffused by ripples of the lagoon leads us to a golden puddle spilling out from the open door of a ballroom. Gentle sounds of lapping water as a beautiful woman steps gracefully out of the gondola, gloved hand gently grasping the fingers of a lucky gentleman there just in time to make every other man envious. She is dressed in an elegant, inky black evening gown over which she has carelessly thrown a black velvet cape. Everything is in black, from her dark raven hair to the blue-black of satin shoes glimpsed beneath her skirts. All the more dramatic, then, the crimson of her lips and the iridescent blues and greens of the feathers trimming the mask that had everyone asking: isn't that...?

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