The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

08 February 2009

It continues

This is fun: the Water Filter story has another sequel.
We left off with the house springing a leak and we called in a Professional type person to come and plug it up... or whatever plumbers do with leaks.

The nice man came, and after one look he determined the situation required the water cleaning system provider people take a look at it, and deal with it their way. Providence smiled on us, because that man (the water cleaning system provider service man) was just a stone's throw away (which means he was near by) and would be able to take a look at it that very day. Hooray!

He looked, and scratched his chin, and poked and prodded, and diagnosed that the house was in fact missing an entire important step in the provision of clean water. Gak! This man said we would need to talk to another man - a sales rep with the company - who would test the water and deliver his recommendation of how much money and equipment would be required in order to in fact have clean water. Goodness! How can you turn down the most unlikely sounding piece of machinery when clean water is at stake?

The man called (by now he was man number...4, but as man number 1 and 3 were the same man, let's call this one number 3) and arranged to come the next business day. And so he did, and arrived 15 minutes early at that! Considering the rooster had just crowed, he's lucky to have found us in a decent state of dress, and conscious too.

What a fellow he was! Made himself right at home, asking for a cup of coffee and helping himself to the big comfy chair. He curled right up in it, after moving it to his preferred spot, and proceeded to regale us with his personal story. He grew up in the Big City, moved to another Big City famous for a certain Bon rock star and finally settled on this country idyll. He pulled out his personal photo album and showed us press clippings of his volunteer work. All this of course, while also doing his job. It just took him a long time to get around to it...a really long time.

In the end, he did what he was supposed to do. The house was going to need one, maybe two additional pieces of water cleaning stuff - a phone call to another man in the States was in order to determine if part one was essential in order to have part two - which was the really important part.

A few days later the happy news came in: the really important part could function on its own. Happy news indeed, as it cuts the cost almost in third...phew!

So now, another appointment must be made to have man number 1 and/or 3 back to do plumbing installation type work. All involved assure us the mysterious new equipment self-regulates and is ever so easy to maintain.

I foresee that mom and house are going to become intimately acquainted.


  1. So how long did he stay, really? And did he put his feet up (on the table or couch) while he was there? I mean , really.

  2. At least an hour, but maybe an hour and a half even. And the water test took all of 7 seconds, so...sheesh! He curled right up in the chair, coming just short of putting his feet up. If it hadn't been so darned early in the day he I'm sure he would have taken a nap!

  3. still giggling..... the tee hee sort....