The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

26 February 2009


I have lost marbles. Not all of them...just a few. But it's worrisome: where did they go? How did it happen? What is it about marbles that lends to them becoming lost? Is this a problem everyone has?

I've noticed marbles come in various sizes and shapes. Sometimes they are fuzzy orange socks, sometimes they are CD wallets, and sometimes they are eye glasses. Sometimes they are never found again, but others that I lose get found, only to be lost again and again. Pens, pieces of paper with important information on, hair doobers... I struggle with these things.

It baffles me, because what I know about myself is that my world operates best with thorough organization: everything in its place is a key requirement to my existence. But the system must be being the fool. This is a major reason behind my pursuit of simplicity in life: I don't want reams of paper that need to be filed, heaps of seasonal possessions that need to be rotated and stored, or little bits of things that need finicky care and sorting.

Oddly enough sometimes this means multiples of stuff. I have a pair of glasses for at work, one for in the car, and one for in the house. It's a great relief and comfort just knowing the glasses are there. And I still manage to misplace them! I am someone with a compulsive need to always know where a thing is, who also has difficulty in keeping tabs on that there a way out of this conundrum? Is there a solution?

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  1. have you found them yet??? If you do, check to see if mine are there too...lost mine a while ago...