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06 April 2010

Big things

Big things are at stake on April 7, 2010. The Best Team Ever (yes, that's official football terminology... or soccer for you Yanks) will embark on their chance to advance to the semi finals of the Champions League against either Lyons or Bordeaux. It's a matter of national pride, here, for the British super-team. England always has trouble with Germany when it comes to football (or soccer... ) and the bonus here is they could go on to beat a French team - another matter of national pride,what with Napoleon and that hundred-years episode. (And frankly, England, The Three Lions, The Union Jack, whatever, haven't a chance against Germany in this summer's World Cup, 64 days from now) (and the French roosters may as well stay home. Just sayin'. Not like they have a chance against Germany!)

Manchester United lost last week 2-1 against Bayern Munchen. They lost 2-1 against Chelsea in an EPL fixture on Saturday. Now, math is not my forte, but I sense a worrying pattern emerging! On Wednesday (tomorrow as of this writing) they will be at home - Old Trafford in Manchester, England, to play the second game against Bayern of Munich, Germany. At the end of that game, whichever team has the highest combined score goes on to the semis. The team with the fewest goals of both matches goes home as the not-winner.

64 days remaining until the World Cup begins! Deutschland uber alles!

*pic is of Chris Cornell, signing 'Glory, glory, Man United!'
Actually, it's not. It's just him singing some song at a concert, but a girl can dream.

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  1. Thanks for the recent comment - loved the WVW . . . anything about potatoes and I'm sold!

    Hey, I've given you an award. Check out my latest post for details. :o)