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the lighthouse

03 April 2010

Holy Saturday

We are deep in the Triduum now. The earth is still as we await the rolling away of the stone to reveal the empty grave.

Number Two Nephew, my godson, is receiving his first communion tomorrow. He was one of the twelve to have his feet washed on Thursday, at the Mass of the Lord's Supper. He's been shriven, and is ready to go. He's growing up, my little Two.

Oma is coming today! The Arrival of Oma is greatly anticipated. She doesn't want balloons, so we shall remain balloon-free. The house has been spit-polished, however. The boys asked their mom yesterday (thankfully it was a gloriously warm and sunny day, as they were all five of them admonished to Stay Out of the House!) if we were cleaning so much because Oma was coming. My sister laughed, then set them straight: no dear. We're cleaning because Easter is coming! I'm trying very hard to not bark at people for spilling things on the floor, or leaving a cup on the counter. Argh! It's so lovely, though, to have it all spic and span. (yes, I was one of those librarians who regretted, just a little bit, that people had to come and mess up my tidy shelves with their books marching in perfect order)

We were able to walk to the Good Friday service yesterday afternoon. Unheard of! First of all, weather on Good Friday usual includes rain or cold. Secondly, we rarely live within walking distance of a Catholic church. It took about 40 minutes one way, but what a joy to be in the sunshine, listening to the birds chirping madly and seeing tender green buds beginning to break out on their little twigs.

Tonight is the Vigil of Easter. It's a long Mass... I've been to some that were more than three hours long. But also to one that was not even an hour and a half. Papa Nut and Three were given tickets to the Leaf's game tonight, so it will be Oma and I vigiling for the family. (It's too long for the babies (who are now 2 and 3 years old... hardly babies anymore but I can't bring myself to call them Boys) so Mama Nut will probably stay home.

First on the agenda today, however, is an important fixture in English football: Manchester United at home to Chelsea. United lost mid-week in their Champions League game against Bayern Munchen, but they must put that behind them. Chelsea are nipping their heals, only one point behind. There are only a handful of games remaining in the season, and today will probably decide which of these two teams will take the title. United have won it for the past three years (11 of the past 17 seasons). We're just beginning the second half, and United have not been playing well. Chelsea have one goal, so they can just sit back and defend now, if they like. United have to come out strong and take back the game.

I wish all of you a very blessed and happy Easter. See you on the other side,


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