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the lighthouse

23 April 2010

Honest things

My friend Carly invited me to participate in a blogging meme - it is officially called 'an award' - the purpose of which is to share some truths about yourself. Thank you Carly from the Tree!

I am to come up with 10 things. Let's see how it goes:

1. I am fascinated by personality tests, quizzes, indicators and assessments. Discovering I'm an INFJ explained me to myself. I'm also a Leo and a Rooster, both of which tell the truth about me: I roar and I crow; I have tender feet and loose my head.

2. I love barnyard smells: cow, horse, sheep, pig, and even manure. Love it! Love the sounds, too.

3. I'm a wanderer looking for a home. Seven months ago I undertook move number 22. I don't know if home is a 'who' or a 'where', but I hope to find it soon.

4. I get easily and severely motion sick. That little lurch of the elevator as it settles at its floor? Ugh. And yet I love roller coasters! Go figure.

5. I've been called The Kitchen Nazi. I try to not let that define who I am. I just happen to like order. And cleanliness.

6. I don't get along with numbers. And yet I count things. I love words, yet I'm a pitiful speller. C'est la vie.

7. Though I love words and ideas, I'm not much of a talker. I can spend an hour in some one's company and not say a thing.

8. My penmanship is a constant source of personal mortification. I enjoy writing letters etc. - fine pen, lovely paper, considered content - but it ends up looking like a left-footed chicken scratched its way across the page. (I'm not even a lefty!)

9. This new-fangled stuff kids listen to today is not music. I like the Oldies: old Def Leppard, old U2, old Tragically Hip, even. You know... stuff you can dance to.

10. I love lime flavoured anything. If I could work out how to add lime to apple pie with cheese crust, that would be my ultimate food.

11. I never tell the absolute truth if I can exaggerate for dramatic effect.

That last is a freebie - like a baker's dozen.

I now pass the torch on to J over at Forever in Blue Jeans. Let's hope it brings her out of hiding! (as if 5 boys is an adequate excuse for not idling away the hours online!)

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