The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 April 2010

O happy day

Happy Easter! What glorious days we've had - quite unlike the usual Easter weather, for us. The sun has shone brilliantly, the sky has blued, the birds have been mad with chirping... glorious!

Easter Sunday was a gentle day of lounging in the sun, drinking yummy drinks and consuming chocolate while the Peanuts tackled baseball, bikes and bocce. Easter Monday we drove through the beautiful countryside, and walked and walked (and walked for roughly 5 hours) soaking up more sunshine and contentment.

Today, with blisters on our feet and rain outside our windows we may settle down with pots of tea to of piles of lovely magazines (carefully selected and imported from Oma's own private collection) admiring the perfect homes and gardens therein. Bliss!

Remember that Easter Day is celebrated for 8 days, so pace yourself! And the Easter season continues for 50 days until Pentecost - that's a lot of celebrating!

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