The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 June 2010

Best things

The best part of my day was going for a walk with Five. He's a good walker now, having left the crawl far behind. His style tends toward the trot, slightly pigeon-toed and so darned cute total strangers always want to cover him in kisses.

We do a short circuit, he and I. He narrates the outing, telling me what he sees, repeating it several times to make sure I heard. He used to call me 'Daya' which I loved but now he comes close to being able to say my name properly - which is cute in its own way, but makes me a little sad for days gone by.

He holds my index finger with his whole fist, arm up by his ear. Occasionally he adjusts his grip or tries holding a different finger. Each requires that we stop, and he gives it his full attention, involving a great deal of movement from his very expressive eyebrows.

Five has such a sweet little voice and a well-developed sense of humour for a little two-foot tall person. He's good company. However, he can also holler louder and longer than anyone else I've come across - and I've come across some! He's got volume and endurance locked up, baby!

Life is pretty good when you get to hold hands with the sweetest two-year old on earth.

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  1. Sigh. How perfectly lovely.

    WVW: obaspr