The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

22 June 2010


Mom; Mom; Mom; this is you: "Oh my lanta!" - Four to his mother this morning, as she walked through the rooms of her FIFA-widow home, noting the neglect and destruction of the last two weeks. Four has cottoned on to the instant replay style of his older brothers.

One went on a field trip with his class yesterday, to one of those places where 'wild' animals watch you drive by in a special safety vehicle, exhibiting their natural, 'wild' animal behaviors. He also had a soccer game that day, so his mother explained to him what he should wear, and what he should pack. As he went downstairs to get socks, his mother said he didn't need them, because he should wear his crocs. He turned to her, and said patiently, as only a ten year-old attempting to explain life to his mother can, "Mom, I'm going on safari."

The House of Nuts has been rather consumed with football of late. It's on our tv for nearly 9 hours every day. Naturally, all the peanuts are now also very football-driven. Even Five, is into the spirit of things: his latest favourite game is to run slowly around the living room and then dropping to the floor in slow motion, calling out "Lee-ah-poo" and flopping on his back, before getting back up to do it all over again. It's wonderfully appropriate that he has connected Liverpool with diving...

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