The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 May 2012

Ever so briefly

Offer accepted.

Home being hunted.

Move will be undertaken.  

Packing in my future.

Have I done the right thing? Am looking in corners for my reason and right thinking.

In other news, I recently watched a documentary called "This might get loud" about guitar heroes Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White.  Very very interesting, and there is actually a lot I'd love to say about it - particularly how I miss 'real' music... meaning music with melody and guitars and passion.

For your listening pleasure, here is a sampling of each of the talented men from above:
(I chose tamer selections from each, for the more refined among you.  Don't want to shock anybody with the reality of my musical preferences!)

ok, so this one isn't exactly tame, but it epitomizes the U2 I thought was great: raw and convicted, just steps away from their punk roots.

There are so many words waiting to be written.  I hope to give them flight soon.


  1. May you have peace as you move forward!

  2. Thank you, Nancy!

    There is peace, underneath it all. I am seeing yet again just how good God is to us.