The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

29 May 2012

Of new things in Ordinary Time

Welcome back to the wearing of the green!  Easter is over and we are returned to Ordinary Time.

It doesn't feel particularly ordinary, what with the new city, new job, new home. I moved this past weekend, rather more quickly than I thought it would happen, but golly, when God says move, you'd better move!  Come to think of it, I should have been prepared for it to happen just as it did, because I'd been asking and praying for these very things for months and months.  Echos of my pleading are still ringing in my ears: Dear Lord, help me find a job (done, He says); Dear Lord, help me find a charming little apartment (I've got just the place in mind, He says).  Dear Lord, have you forgotten about me?  I've been asking for ever so long and I'm still waiting! (ok then, I've been waiting for the right time, but since you insist, go NOW) The fact that I am here in one piece and still of sound mind looks ordinary on the outside but is full of extraordinary grace.

Don't you love the stories of the early Church? How Peter's shadow would heal people, and thousands would convert at one time.  There's nothing ordinary about that, with God's providence, we also live lives less ordinary.

I am grateful for the miracles in my life.  I can see the many ways God is at work in me, and through me.  It is in the ordinary people, ordinary actions, ordinary events that the Holy Spirit moves in the world today.


  1. Thank God for "ordinary" miracles. May God bless you in your new home!

  2. I'm very happy for you Tess; you deserved it.

  3. Thank you, Nancy and Luis. I am blessed indeed.