The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

19 May 2012

Of leaks and sockets

Don't fall off your chair!

Yes, it's me, Tess, former prolific rambler of Lighthouse nonsense.

Life is in flux. Can I say flux online?  With one week of new job under my belt, I do believe my brain has been so stuffed with new information that it has undertaken a slow leak out of my ears. I comforted myself one night on the drive home, that what I'm learning is in general what I already know - it's only the specifics that are new, so all I have to learn are the specifics. Then I remembered the specifics number in the gigabytes and the leaking continued.

It is interesting how much you can tell about a person based on how they talk about their job, and how they approach teaching or training.  I've spent most of week being passed from department to department to learn what they do best, and every single person had a different approach. Quite an interesting personality study, that was.

I have to tell you, it is quite a delight to be working with other library people again after many years of mingling with (pardon the expression) civilians. We understand each other, geek out over the same things, speak the same language, and have key personality traits in common. I feel like I am with my people, my tribe once more, and that's pretty nice.

A new home has been found as well, did I mention that earlier?  I should be able to move in, in the next few weeks.  Somehow between first seeing the place and going back to sign the lease, it had grown to quite palatial dimensions and I was envisioning rather airy spaces with strategically placed electrical outlets, adequate closet space, and a bathroom door that opened in the right direction.  That bubble burst with the second viewing, but the heart-happiness remained because of the soaring ceilings, the cute old fashioned kitchen with the wrought iron fire escape, and the bathroom all to myself.  I'll figure out the storage and furniture placement issues later.  When I get furniture.  Two fantastic details are that I will be in walking distance of both work locations, and within walking distance of two Catholic churches.  How good is that?

Soon, I will be back on some semblance of a schedule and will be inundating you with more rambling nonsense.  In the meantime, I thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.  I hope to make it to all your blogs soon to find out what has been going on with you.



  1. Congratulations on your new job and home.

    I hope you'll be happy there.

    God bless.

  2. Thank you very much Victor,and welcome to The Lighthouse!

  3. So glad to get the update - I was thinking about you today wondering how everything was going. Hooray for new jobs and soaring ceilings.

  4. Thank you, Sarah! Crazy times. Wanna come help me pack? ;) Just to keep up your skills.