The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

30 January 2013

Of plumbing and packing

The depth of my reluctance to do this packing business cannot be plumbed. It is remarkable how creative I have been to avoid the task and how small the obstacle can be to halt any forward momentum. It's raining? Clearly I can't go out to find boxes when it's raining!  I definitely have to make a cup of tea before I sort through the box of Christmas ornaments. Only once I've made the tea, it's perfectly obvious that I should try to finish that book... and before you know it, it's time for bed, another day has gone by, and still no boxes packed.

If you happen to have a spare supply of willpower, determination, or drive, please do send it my way. Unless   you'd care to come and do it for me?  I promise to make endless pots of tea and read to you.


  1. If I lived nearby I would definately take you up on your offer... I love organizing and packing! I also love reading, however, and can be easily sidetracked with a good book. What book would you read:)?

    God bless,

  2. Frances! You are a lovely person, and I would totally take you up on your offer!

    I've just started "The end of your life book club". So far so good.

  3. So you've started the book, eh? Funny, since you mentioned it I've been seeing it around, and hearing all sorts of good things about it!!

  4. I'm looking forward to getting into it, but I may have to alter my plan, because guess what landed on my desk today? (Oh, how I love working in libraries!) The Happiness Project! Woohoo!

  5. Somehow I just can't picture you saying woohoo.

    I do understand the packing problem. It's good to take only what you need - after one move years ago, I had boxes that remained packed and stacked for years because I really didn't need what was in them.

    By the way, you once asked if I had any poetry out there - well, I just put a small one up on my blog today: #Poetry this time for my Five Sentence Fiction Challenge (the prompt this week is "delicate") at

  6. I only say woohoo when a woohoo is called for.

    You're right about only taking what is needed. I'm trying to be ruthless, but sentiment rears its emotional head and pleads with me to keep this or that absolutely essential something or other. I'll get there, eventually.

    Thank you for sharing the link to your poem. I like it!