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the lighthouse

10 May 2013

In which I am a little heartbroken

Dear Reader, I am in mourning.
You know that I am a bit of a football fanatic (that being football of the round ball variety, the one played with the foot) and most specifically, I am somewhat fond of Manchester United, that great Red-wearing club of the North (which, as my brother-in-law insists, is not Liverpool).

Since United first entered my consciousness somewhere back in the very early 90s, they have been managed by Sir Alex Ferguson. He has been instrumental in their evolution into a globally adored, trophy winning team-to-be-feared. He is respected for his football savvy, his sense of the game, talent recognition and youth development.  He has been with them for 27 years.  Twenty-seven years! And throughout the course of those years he has won something like 38 significant competitions - 13 of which have been the league title.

He is retiring in just over a week's time after their last two games of the season.

Manchester United will never be the same.

It is the end of an era.

I will miss measuring how well his boys are playing by how ferociously he is chewing his gum.

I will miss his deft use of the media in pregame tactics.

I will miss his unfailing support of the individual players, and the team as a whole.

The news is still too recent for me to have positive feelings about the next manager or the first season without him.

I'll still bleed red, however.  Glory Glory Man United!!

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