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21 May 2013

Mentally blonde

We just had a long weekend up here, north of 49.  Many thanks to Queen Victoria for having a birthday and with supreme beneficence sharing it with us, her loyal subjects. We show our appreciation each year by heading up north to cottage country - up north, where, by the way, it is colder and more mosquito infested than where we live the rest of the time - and drinking astonishing amounts of beer.  That last is why we call it the May two-four weekend.

I was going to visit a dear friend for a couple of days, but knew in my knower that I was better off staying close to home. I ended up sleeping most of Saturday away, but felt the better for it. I spent Sunday with the Nuts, and we expressed our patriotic fervor by visiting the Wonder of the World that resides in our back yard, and gazing upon a statue dedicated to a famous general of the War of 1812 (which we won, by the way).  The hordes of people to be seen! Tourist season has well and truly begun. 

As there was some alcohol involved, I turned my visit into a sleep over so we could continue the fun into the next day.  Only by early afternoon I was feeling poorly again so I took myself off home, had a bath, made a sandwich and tucked myself into bed.

Boy did I sleep! Some noise woke me up, startling me, and having me grab for my phone - the only clock in my bedroom. I felt so refreshed by the rest that I wasn't surpirsed to see the time was 8:00. I was so glad I'd woken up, because I hadn't set the alarm and I needed to get ready for work. I threw myself into the shower and made myself breakfast. It was while pondering what to wear that I became aware that something felt off.  I read an email having to do with a deadline and the date niggled at my brain. Something wasn't meshing, between the 20th and 21st. I checked my Google calendar which told me it was I mentally went through what I'd done over the weekend: I slept Saturday, was with family Sunday, was still there Monday morning, woke up at home the next morning, making this Tuesday. So why was my phone saying it was Monday?

Then I noticed it was getting dark. "Hmm, it's going to rain." I thought. But that didn't feel right either.  Finally, beginning to feel as though I could no longer trust my brain, I Googled "What is the date today". You know what I found out, don't you?  It was after 8:00 PM  I thought I'd slept the whole night through, and there I was, ready to go to work for Tuesday morning of May 21st.. Except it was only Monday May 20th.

Sometimes I really am mentally blonde.


  1. Mentally blonde is not funny, it's racist.

  2. Being blond is not a race. Caucasian? Yes, that's a race and it includes blonds, brunettes and redheads etc. Mentally blond signifies acting without thinking in less than serious situations and to be offended by that term only indicates an overly sensitive society that takes itself too seriously and cannot see humor in everyday situations. Even God has a sense of humor. No? He created us didn't He?

    Oh and by the way, you can blame Hollywood for the perception people have about blonds...ask Marilyn Monroe. What Tess wrote is hilarious, especially when she herself is blond I believe. :)

    Good story Tess!

  3. Legally blonde. Mentally blonde. Senior's moment. If we can't laugh at ourse3lves, we're in for a miserable time of it.

    Thank you, Bobby. I am indeed blond... sometimes more than others.

  4. Bingo Tess. We DO take ourselves way too seriously. We need to lighten up, see the humor in everyday things and maybe...just maybe live a bit better and longer :)

  5. Humour is very personal I understand that. I don't expect my stories will tickle every funny bone.
    I'm blonde, short, Dutch, a librarian, slightly goofy... in other words, the punch line of a lot of jokes. Laugh at me if you like, just don't be cruel!

    I like having discussion about issues, such as racism, presumptions, perceptions, whether blondes do have more fun, and if IQ is linked in any way to hair colour. A little more input from anonymous could lead to something interesting... but the bald statement given goes nowhere at all.

  6. You know, I totally lost it when I read "I had to google what day is today". Man...that's awesomeness at it's finest.