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the lighthouse

20 July 2013

Five sentence fiction - a first go

Lillie McFerrin Writes hosts Five Sentence Fiction - a writing challenge to write five sentences inspired by a one word prompt. The current word is wisdom.

Here is my little ditty inspired by Wisdom:

She hovers over the waters of creation, a Divine presence in the world. Sea and sky stretch to touch at the horizon; each blue, each seething, each seeking to rule the other. Fish, bird, and beast live to swim, and fly, and run, and in the doing are fulfilled. Man stands at the centre, where sea and sky meet, his purpose not merely to roam but to live – no, to be wholly and entirely alive. Wisdom bestows her gift on him; he quickens, and in the doing, is united with the Divine.

Sophia Wisdom of God


  1. But I don't see your link on the FSF site!

    I took some time to Google about Sophia, and it was quite interesting. I'm always learning something on these writing challenges.

  2. No, I'm too shy to link up!

    I love the image of Wisdom as a person - a woman.