The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

27 July 2013

Five sentence fiction: Limitless


I ache from the sweat-soaked hair tucked under my hat to the bruised and tender toes in my boots. I push the straining, quivering muscles of my legs to move me one step higher up the path, one step nearer my destination. My feet are becoming uncertain under me, slipping on loose rocks, tangling in fallen branches, sliding into deep depressions in the dirt. It is only my will that propels me forward, in the end, to the summit. And at last I know:

 I am limitless.


  1. Pretty terrific photo, isn't it?

  2. This is far better than most of the posts out there! You've got to stop being so shy!

  3. I like it here in the lighthouse...

  4. Pretty fulfillment!

    You, as a human being, are limitless.

    Your mind is the place where the Universe exists, no matter the drawbacks and seemingly unsurmountable hindrances surrounding you!

    Beautiful! and then more: that picture is the epitome of the deserved reward after a hard job.

    Thank you for such a beauty!

    Od Liam

  5. simply superb writing, it begs for moreeirmediu

  6. Thank you very much, Liam and Esther