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18 July 2013

St. Anne

St. Anne by da Vinci

St. Anne, St. Anne find me a man; find me a good man as fast as you can.

The feast day of St. Anne is approaching (July 26), and there is just enough time to pray the novena (I prayed day one this morning, will do day two before bed. Sometimes it's the spirit of the law that counts, folks!)

Though prayer has been a challenge of late (and by that I mean since Easter it's been just about nonresistant, but more on that elsewhere) I feel the need to do this.  I have a beautiful statue of St. Anne from the awe inspiring shrine in Quebec, St. Anne de Beaupre. For days now, maybe even weeks, I've been feeling nudges to call on her help.  So, while she is traditionally known for helping women who are seeking husbands, in true grandmotherly fashion, I think she and I will spend some quiet time together over a cuppa and some biscuits as we sort things out.

Not to say that I won't also welcome her help with the husband seeking.

The Novena can be found here, at EWTN

St.Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec


  1. If I was about 100 years younger, and not married, of course, I'd be inclined to travel up that way and see if I could get a library card. They still use those, don't they? It's been a while since I've been in a library...

    He's going to have to be a very special man.

  2. Aw, thank you, K. He's certainly taking his time!

    Yes, we still use library cards, though they've got fancy barcodes on them now.

    And get thee to a library post haste, man!