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the lighthouse

17 July 2013

The author photo

We did a backwards display of books at work a few months ago, with the back of the books books facing out, showing the author's photo, challenging our patrons to guess who it was, based just on the picture of the authors they know so well.

Many of them are good for a giggle. Some try to look very scholarly, sober, and serious. Some try for seductive. Some just look silly with big hair and poofy dresses.

And then I came across this one. I tell you, it could totally be me, because this is exactly what I look like when I'm writing.
Laurell K. Hamilton - Affliction author photo


  1. Okay! Now I really want to write a novel with you!

    (Notice how my profile picture shows only my head...)

  2. The boots are a killer, but if I keep my feet up in the air like this they don't hurt at all.

    (I have noticed. I thought you were going for distinguished mystery)

  3. You believe me, don't you Nancy?

  4. That you look like this when you're writing? O. Sure. Me. Too. Except that my hair isn't curly, but mine is nicely frosted (God is now doing the frosting). Take the makeup from her face and add a pair of stylishly scratched spectacles, and that author and I could be twins. Well, except for the age. And the little grandchildren tugging at my sleeves....

  5. You know what this picture says to me? Dictation. She clearly does not do her own typing.
    Reminds me of Barbara Cartland who reclined on a divan wrapped in fluffy stoles, dictating her books to an assistant. As soon as she reached her daily quota she stopped for the day. Even if it was in the middle of a sentence.